Jakar No.4006 2010
Ink and graphite on paper

Jakar No.4006, detail 2010

This large-scale drawing takes a circular form, echoing the form of globes. The work explores the formal qualities of map-making: the artist's use of colour and line is inspired by the style of more conventional cartography. Using graphite and coloured inks, overlaid outlines and cartographic forms are assembled to create an energetic and intensely detailed 'map'.

Some shapes are based on the plans of the bunkers that occupy our coastline, while other forms strongly recall shapes of countries of the world as depicted on maps. Striped sections and fragments of bar charts evoke memories of geography lessons. The pattern of concentric circles on the left of the work reflects the artist's recent journey to Africa.

As well as an exploration of the creative possibilities of mapping itself, the work can be understood as representing a personal perspective of the world from the vantage point of the island.

Text courtesy of Lauren Barnes

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